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June 9, 2021
Member of the month

May 2021 | Member of the Month

Do you remember your first workout at Fortitude? How did you feel before/after?

Before the workout I was super nervous but afterwards I was on such a high.

What is your favourite movement? Why?

Weightlifting is my favourite because I’ve wanted to lift weights since I was 10 years old.

What is your least favourite movement? Why?

I don’t have a least favourite. I have movements that I’m not.good at but they just make me want to try them more.

What are your interests outside of training?

Croatian dancing and walking in the Waitakere Ranges.

What is one random fact about you?

I have a fear of falling.

What motivates you to keep coming back to Fortitude Fitness?

Being accepted, included and encouraged.

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