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October 15, 2023
Member of the month

September 2023 Member of the Month

Getting to know Maia…

Hard to choose just one, but your favourite movement is…

hang power clean

What are some of your recent accomplishments/aha moments?

I finally made a promise to turn up to at least 4 -5 sessions a week this year be consistent, figured GHD is not a hair straightener

What is a goal you want to accomplish?

Toe to bar

Favourite Fortitude Moment?

Being nominated member of the month (thanks to the coaches!)

Have you experienced any other unexpected changes after joining Fortitude?

Yes, getting to know more people and being involved in community events

What is your favorite thing to do outside Fortitude?

Spending time with family and friends and eating.

What is a fun fact about you?

I have metal and screws in one of my collarbones. Broke both collar bones (yip at the same time) at the velodrome cycling.

Any advice for someone just starting?

Build up slowly and don’t compare yourself to others

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