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December 12, 2023
Member of the month

November 2023 Member of the Month

Getting to know Lucas…

Hard to choose just one, but your favourite movement is…

Squat Cleans and Squat Snatches

What are some of your recent accomplishments/aha moments?

Recent accomplishments, finally hit 100kg Squat Clean and recycling BMU.

What is a goal you want to accomplish?

Goal for the next 3 months is improving my TTB capacity, being able to push multiple sets (10+) unbroken in workouts. Next goal is Handstand walks.

What do you do out there in the real world?

I’m a Paramedic by trade but currently lecturing, teaching paramedicine students.

Favourite Fortitude Moment?

Favorite fortitude moment is competing in the comp against Remmy Gym.

Have you experienced any other unexpected changes after joining Fortitude?

Since joining fortitude I’ve rediscovered my passion for fitness. The workouts and the people help to drive me. I love showing up and socializing then leaving feeling thrashed. I push myself hard because I know everyone else is doing the same (and I want to beat them).

What is your favorite thing to do outside Fortitude?

My favorite things to do outside of fortitude are reading and surfing.

Any advice for someone just starting?

Advice would be to be friendly and social, absorb as much as you can from others and don’t be scared to try new things.

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