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Extra info:


    Don’t spend less than $20 or more than $30. Okay, maybe $38 but definitely not $39.50

  • October 23 is D-Day

    Final Date to sign up! Your Secret Gift Recipient will be drawn and sent to you via text/email. Also additional info to help you get a nice pressie will be included hihi.

  • It's NINJA Time!

    October 23 - November 14 @ 18.59pm: It's NINJA Time! subtly place your gift under the our Fortitude FestiviTREE!

  • Heads up!

    To ensure everyone gets a pressie – I will constantly be bugging you, I mean remind you.. [more like annoy you haha] leading up to the deadline if I don’t see your secret receiver’s pressie under the Fortitude FestiviTREEE
    - Andi, Head of Fortitude's Secret Santa Dept