Fortitude Fitness NZ

Kavita Jaduram


I first started crossfit in 2012 with an “onramp” session at Crossfit East Auckland. A few years and an obsession with training later, I became a coach at CFEA. I have competed in CF, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and also martial arts. I still train mixed martial arts and dabble in a bit of weight lifting. However, I have never stopped crossfitting. My favourite parts of crossfit are Olympic weightlifting and Gymnastics. I love coaching people to learn this advanced skills. If you ever need a lifting or skill tip please hit me up.


  • 1st Pound for Pound Nationals 2017
  • 1st Functional Strength Weighlifting Comp (Powerlifting) 2017
  • Dimitry Klokov Weightlifting Seminar
  • 3x Bodyweight Deadlift 2017/18