Fortitude Fitness NZ

Antonia Daroux Snelling

Coach / Gymnastics

Fortitutude since: 2017

How did you find out about functional training: Training and competing as a gymnast for most of my youth built a strong passion for the incredible power that the human body has to adapt, repair and recover with the right type of functional physical training. I have been coaching CrossFit for nearly ten years, with a particular passion for gymnastics movements. Working as a chiropractor as my main gig means I have a huge appreciation for how much functional training helps for your body to be strong, resilient and have a much lower risk of injury when you have good core strength and mobility. I also strongly believe training should be fun and make you feel good physically and mentally during and after. Which is what the training we do at Fortitude is all about!!

What is your favourite thing about coaching: Seeing the smiles on people faces when they make progress or master a new skill, and watching our people drag themselves in the door of the gym, train, then walk out with a little happy spring in their step. Cheesy, but it’s actually true!


  • Bachelor of Chiropractic, New Zealand College of Chiropractic
  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Auckland
  • Les Mills Personal Training Certificate
  • New Zealand Red Cross Comprehensive First Aid Certificate
  • New Zealand Gymnastics Association Level 1 Coaching Course
  • 13 years of experience Personal Training and CrossFit Coaching