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July 5, 2020
Member of the month

June 2020 | Member of the Month

Do you remember your first workout at Fortitude? How did you feel before/after?

My wife suggested we try the ‘CrossFit’ gym down the road but I wouldn’t have a bar of it until she got her way (common theme in my life) here I am 3 years later. Initially I was nervous and slightly intimidated but that quickly subsided after spending a bit of time with the coaches & crew. I’ll never forget being on my hands and knees at the end of my first WOD thinking…. that is mental. 

What is your favourite movement? Why?

Cardio – Turn the mind off and just send it. I also really enjoy the technical aspect of lifting. Learning the correct technique and how to become more efficient 

What is your least favourite movement? Why?

Squats because my I suck at them ????

What are your interests outside of training?

My little man Charlie & DIY 

What is one random fact about you?

I’ve split both my knees clean open before. 

What motivates you to keep coming back to Fortitude Fitness?

For me the box is a place to forget about the bullshit, challenging myself and enjoy the community vibe while having a laugh. 

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